One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks
One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks

One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks

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Have you ever seen anything so big before?     We didn't think so. 


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  • A total of 215 Books by Amazon Best-Selling Authors Hollie Hutchins and Daniella Wright, to last you an entire year —or more.
  • 13 Amazon Top 10 Best-Selling Full-Length Novels.
  • 19 Amazon Top 50 Best-Selling Full-Length Novels.
  • 34 Amazon Top 100 Best-Selling Full-Length Novels.
  • 149 of The Romance Queen's best-rated ebooks.
  • 73 Full-Length Novels
  • 8 Novellas
  • 136 Short Stories.

Featured best-selling books you'll be obsessed with:

Cassie Sladen did not know what mortified her worse:

The impounding of her ship, or her being brought out to the impounded shipyard in restraints.  

The two related situations were equally humiliating and equally unjust.  

She carried herself with every bit of dignity she had, which was easier to summon up when she thought of the wrongness of what was happening to her and how angry it made her. 

Around her neck was an electronic restrainer collar.  Her wrists were bound in similar cuffs. 

At any sign of resistance on her part, her new enslaver could trigger the neural shockers in the restraints and send her crashing to her knees in pain...


The dragons clash to win me.

My whole family is prepared to sell me...

And I'm left with the most vicious fighter of all.

Of course, I didn't want to be sold. But I had no choice in the matter.

Princesses in the kingdom of Provosia have been sold to the dragons for just over half a century. It's part of the agreement we have.

Every woman in the royal family who reaches her eighteenth birthday will be taken by a dragon.

None of them return. I don't know why. I expect I'll be killed. And when I'm taken by the most savage fighter out of all of them, I'm deposited in Ash's lair.

And he whispers in my ear that I'm his property, for him to do as he wishes.

There's nowhere for me to run. I'm on a mountain in the middle of a swamp. I'm no survivalist. I'm a princess who has been pampered her whole life.

What I don't expect... is that fact that Ash has a lover. Another dragon, by the name of  Garion.

And I think both of them plan to use me.


Ria Stevenson, five years ago, was captured by a cruel wolf shifter... 

She suffered under his hands, as did the others who fell into his grasp.

But she endured, and survived, and never quite gave up hope.

When dragom shifters invade from the nearby mountains, Ria seizes her chance to get noticed by them and to escape.

A red dragon spots her and takes her to safety, though she's still in a way, a prisoner. Just with better living conditions. 

Under the ice blue eyes of the dragon shifter in his handsome human form, who has an additional purpose for her...


Lyra has always known Earth Two wasn't entirely under human control. 

Places called 'Out Zones' litter the planet - places uncharted by human explorers, and known to be inhabited by tribal natives known as the Ammarok.

As a resident since childhood, though, she's always been curious, always wondered what life was like in the Out Zones, outside of the confines of the Compounds that housed human civilization.

One evening trek leaves her stranded outside, in one such Out Zone, and she's taken in by two warrior Ammarok men. 

She quickly learns that she may be getting more for the price of her curiosity than she originally thought.


An Amazon Top 30 Bestselling Novel by Daniella Wright

I snuck out to Werewolf City and spent the night with four princes…

Now I’m pregnant and don’t know who the father is.
It was all an accident. 

When my own father found out, he locked me up to give birth in a bunker…
No prince charming is coming to my rescue.
Or princes, in this case —they are royal, after all.

But none of that matters right now…
Does it?

It’s been so long I’m not even sure they remember my name.
Or the night we spent together.

And who would have thought… 
I am carrying not one, but two of the only heirs they’ll ever have…

What would they do if they ever found out?


An Amazon Top 20 Bestselling Novel by Hollie Hutchins

"Pick five."
"Pick them yourself, or we'll pick them for you."

But... but how will I know who's my baby-daddy!? 

It's my twenty-eighth birthday.
They have imprisoned me to stop me from escaping.
They know I don't want to be taken by the wolves - I'd rather be dead.
But still, I'm taken, sold off by my own family for a few coins.
Let's keep it real; my parents never loved me.

I'm half expecting the wolves to eat me or something.
But instead, I'm taken to a ceremonial palace.
I am to pick five husbands...
I will live with them in a marriage home.

Yeah, you heard that right. 

I'll also be expected to bear their children.
The more children, the better...

Like, seriously!?

I had barely accepted the idea of just one normal husband.
But five werewolf shifter husbands!?
They can turn into vicious animals at the slightest provocation...
Five hungry, aggressive men who have not seen a woman in 100 years...

Yeah, 100 years.
How could I possibly handle all that?


Caged.  Placed on display for anyone to take me. 

I'm at the mercy of the aliens who walk through the flesh market...

I knew that we had aliens, of course. Humans are still kind of new to the galaxy, so we've encountered a few races along the way.

Our language has spread to the stars – including to races we've never seen.

And when I'm captured one day, bundled in a cage, placed in a flesh market... I see aliens from all reaches of the galaxy.

There's also the two that speak my language. Sora and Yen. Big, black-armored aliens with an obvious intimidating aura.

I mean, everyone knows bad guys wear black, right? They also want to know if I have “bred.”

No prizes for guessing what they want me for, once they buy me... 


Tonight, I’ll be expected to consummate my marriage to two men...

Prince Leo and Prince Cassius of Sonne, my Kingdom’s lifelong enemies.

The same two men that deliberately watched me swim naked when I was just 18 years old.
The same two men I slapped on the face for commenting on my assets.
The same two men that eight years later, asked for my hand in marriage to forgive all my father’s debts.

I will be expected to bear them children and satisfy their every whim.
My body will be theirs to use as they please.
They will take away my innocence.
Strip me of my pride.
Make me beg for their mercy.

And as my last day as Princess Arabella of Cyprian comes to an end,
I can’t help but wonder…

Will I be able to survive at the hands of The Princes of Sonne?

   ____________ ____________________

"There may be two new masters interested in you..."

"A pair of brothers... 
They are brusque, and some consider them harsh.
Especially for a girl like you.
But if you have thick skin, you will do fine."

Beyond cruel words, what would these men do to me? 

The question lingered in my mind for a few moments.
But I had to make a decision. I couldn't back down. 
Not after everything I went through to get here.
Not after saving my family from starvation was just a drop of ink away.

With a shaking hand, I signed myself away to two strangers.
Just six months, I thought, as I stamped my initials on the paper. 
And let them take me away to a faraway ranch...

It wasn't long before I got an answer to my question.
When I found myself in an abandoned shed.
With rusty chains keeping me in place.
And the echo of my own voice melting away in the darkness.

Tonight, I will bring them to their knees. And make them beg for mercy.
____ ____ ______________________

Who gets rescued from drowning in a lake by a damn UNICORN?!

This girl right here.

No. I was not hallucinating.
I was drowning.
It was like that scene from The Little Mermaid, where she rescues Eric and takes him to the shore, except I was in his shoes.
When I finally open my eyes to see what I believe is the "other side," I have my most profound realization yet:

God is gorgeous.
Except it is not God, and I am not on the other side -technically.
I learn his name is Renne and that he is actually a Prince.
What a fairy tale!
Something about this is just off.
Something about this feels terribly wrong.
First of all, I have a mark in my hand, from his hand.

Why is that?!
Second, he won't stop staring at me.
It is extremely distracting.
I confirm my suspicion when I intend to get back home, and he wouldn't let me.

Now I am convinced he is either a psychopath or there is something he is not telling me…

But which one is it?


An Amazon Top 15 Bestselling Novel by Daniella Wright

“There are private events, held by the wealthy elite of this city..."

"It may be your only option for a better life for you and your daughter."
"But I have to ask, would you be willing to bring more children into this world?”

The chills run through my spine.

But what other option do I have?

A single mom.
An abusive ex-husband.
A world that is crumbling.
What else can I ask for?
I will keep my daughter safe, no matter the cost.

“OK”, I said.
“Sign me in.”

Four days later, a letter shows up in my mailbox:

“Dear Madam,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been picked by Mr. George Armitage, Esq.  
Mr. Armitage is a pillar of the Chicago community and is the CEO of The Armitage Empire.
They are an extremely wealthy household, and I am sure you will settle in very nicely there.
As for what services you will be providing, Mr. Armitage is looking for you…”

But I couldn’t read anymore.
Oh, Lord.

What did I get myself into!?


A Romance Queen  Bestselling Novel by Hollie Hutchins

I just wanted a baby, I didn’t expect to be shared by three husbands...

I enlisted myself at the auction to be married off to whoever bought me…
Now before you judge me, know I really didn’t have a better option.
I wanted to get pregnant and I wanted it as soon as possible.
Obviously, my new husband had other plans for me…

Something a little, perhaps too unconventional… 

An Amazon Top 20  Bestselling Novel by Hollie Hutchins

I’m on the ground, again.
I have been punched and slammed by someone far bigger and tougher than me.

I can hear the snorts and laughter; I’m the only girl on the training squad.
“This is why someone like you should never be allowed to stand side by side with war brothers.”

Still, I get up. Not complaining.
This is the life I chose.

So when a stranger challenges me two minutes later, I don’t hesitate to take him up and agree to his terms that I will do something for him if I lose.

Then it all went black.

I wake up in a cell… with a stupid water bowl next to it.
Like, seriously?

I realize with terror that I’m probably in werewolf territory, high up in the mountains.

Two hours later, I’m presented to both, the prince’s step-cousin and the prince himself, who seems way too eager to examine me.

“You are lucky, you have been chosen to be our new pet. A rare opportunity, given only to the most worthy of women.”

“Have you bred before?”


“What about two, three men, perhaps?”


“Tomorrow will be your first training.”

Next thing I know, I have a royal collar attached to my neck with their name on it.

They can’t be serious.
I’m gonna kill’em both.

Men in masks bid for me...

Men who want me for my magic, to have it bound in a… slave contract.

I never expected this to happen on my trip.

One moment, I’m exploring an icy Shifter City. Drooling over the handsome Cato and his bodyguard — you know, a girl got her needs.

The next, the bar’s invaded, I’m kidnapped, I wake up on a table, and someone’s put something in my skin.

Something that grants magic.

Just before I have time to appreciate this, I’m then hauled up to an auction block and put up for sale. 

One man manages to outbid all the others.
Imagine my horror and betrayal when I find out who has bought me…None other than the man I thought I liked.

Needless to say…I don’t like him anymore.

Whatever questionable purpose he wants me for, it can’t be anything morally acceptable…


An Amazon Top 100  Bestselling Novel by Hollie Hutchins

I have spent my entire life in hiding, fearing the day I’d get sold

Locked up in a basement, bringing babies into this world for strange men that will never love me.

I have never been close to anyone.
But when The Armstrong Dynasty offers me a job, I take the chance.

The agreement seems legit.
I should be safe with them…


A Romance Queen  Bestselling Novella by Hollie Hutchins

My sister ran away from her own wedding.
And now I have to take her place...

As soon as Alessio realized my sister was gone, he threw me over his shoulder and dragged me to the altar.
I didn't even have time to pick a dress.

I'm half American, half Italian.
I was supposed to finish college, get a job back home after my sister's wedding.
Now I have to stand on my sister's place.
Marry a fearsome mob boss to cancel our father's debt.

No, I didn't sign up for this.
And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse,
A knock on the door, on my honeymoon night, proved otherwise.

It was Paolo D'Antonio, Alessio's twin brother.
It turns out, there's more to this bargain than what my father agreed to...
Alessio had plans all along.
And he isn't going to give up on the idea so easily.

Now I wonder if my sister would feel relived or jealous

Should I agree to this deal?


An Amazon Top 50  Bestselling Novel by Hollie Hutchins

It was a one-night thing.

That was all it should have been.

All I remember is a big wolf paw tattoo on his chest.
Everything else is a blur.

I never intended for there to be a child…
My beautiful boy, Jason.
His life is in danger.

I need to find his father.
But finding Jason’s father means going deep into shifter territory.
I’ve heard terrible rumors about what they do to people…

Will I be able to find my child’s father in time and leave Undervale with my heart intact?

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Susan Lott
That’s A Lot Of Books

I’ve read a number of the stories/books and they vary in quality. Some are well written others are not. The stories vary in levels of steaminess, angst, and character development as well. So far I am ok with my purchase, but it will take me a while to get through the volume.

Jennifer converse

all of themwere wonderful

Excellent assortment of hot reads!

This collection of all genres of erotica will keep you turning pages for days! Enjoy!

Paulette Seasly

One Girl 215 Beasts: The Tribute Library Of 215 eBooks

Kowana Moore
Awesome Reads

Love the books