Animal Princes: The Complete 48 Short Story Collection
Animal Princes: The Complete 48 Short Story Collection
Animal Princes: The Complete 48 Short Story Collection

Animal Princes: The Complete 48 Short Story Collection

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This GiantĀ 48 ShortĀ Story Collection includes the followingĀ paranormalĀ romanceĀ novellas by best-selling authorsĀ Hollie HutchinsĀ andĀ Daniella Wright:
  1. The Dragon's ServantĀ 
  2. The Dragonā€™s Slave
  3. Sold To The Vicious Dragons
  4. Claimed By The Dragons
  5. Slaved: The Dragon And The Bear
  6. Sold To The Nasty Beasts
  7. Sold To The Beasts
  8. Sold To The Dragon Beasts
  9. Sold To The Fire Beasts
  10. Sold To The Dragon Princes
  11. Forbidden Beast
  12. Caged By The BeastĀ 
  13. Beast Unchained
  14. Abducted By The Dragon - Book I
  15. Abducted By The Dragon - Book II
  16. Abducted By The Dragon - Book III
  17. Slay Me
  18. Captured By The BeastĀ 
  19. Owned By The Entire Crew
  20. Shared By The PackĀ 
  21. Double Fangs
  22. Sold To The Prince
  23. Beast
  24. Animal PrinceĀ 
  25. Vamp's CaptiveĀ 
  26. The Night I Was RescuedĀ 
  27. Gifted To The BeastĀ 
  28. RippedĀ 
  29. Only TimeĀ 
  30. CaptiveĀ 
  31. Don't Hurt Me
  32. Filthy Little Bird
  33. Sold To The Alien Wolf
  34. Kidnapped And Caged
  35. The King's Slave
  36. InvaderĀ 
  37. Jailed
  38. ForcedĀ 
  39. Prisoner X
  40. Chained To TheĀ Monster
  41. Trapped With The Enemy
  42. Caged
  43. Collared By The Warrior
  44. Slaved
  45. Triple Domination
  46. Captured For Breeding
  47. Kidnapped By The Black Riders
  48. Taken By A MonsterĀ 
TopĀ Favorites In This Collection:

Lyra has always known Earth Two wasn't entirely under human control...

Places called 'Out Zones' litter the planet - places uncharted by human explorers, and known to be inhabited by tribal natives known as the Ammarok. As a resident since childhood, though, she's always been curious, always wondered what life was like in the Out Zones, outside of the confines of the Compounds that housed human civilization. One evening, Trek leaves her stranded outside, in one such Out Zone, and she's taken in by two warrior Ammarok men.

She quickly learns that she may be getting more for the price of her curiosity than she originally thought.

Kreena is thinking back on how it all started, where she came from and how her past has molded her into the woman she is now.

The past just seems like a memory. She has seen many things that others on earth can only imagine. She knows full well she has just been used and abused by the others on the ship, but she also has needs, and everything serves its purpose in her future...


I'm a slave. And I read to others.
People who lust after my voiceā€¦

I was lucky, in a way, to be taught by a retired teacher. Less lucky when my family decided it was worth selling me off to the traveling slaver for one measly gold coin. They turned on me just to live better for a year. They turned on me, and now I'll be sold, most likely as a sex slave.

One person seeks me out. Someone looking for a slave with the ability to read. One prepared to read for him the most scandalous things.

One prepared to do this in front of an audience.

I never thought much of sex beforehand.

But now...

I'm thinking about it all the time.Ā Ā 

The dragons clash to win me. My whole family is prepared to sell me. And I'm left with the most vicious fighter of allā€¦

Of course, I didn't want to be sold. But I had no choice in the matter. Princesses in the kingdom of Provosia have been sold to the dragons for just over half a century. It's part of the agreement we have. Every woman in the royal family who reaches her eighteenth birthday will be taken by a dragon.

None of them return. I don't know why. I expect I'll be killed. And when I'm taken by the most savage fighter out of all of them, I'm deposited in Ash's lair.

And he whispers in my ear that I'm his property, for him to do as he wishes.

There's nowhere for me to run. I'm on a mountain in the middle of a swamp. I'm no survivalist. I'm a princess who has been pampered her whole life.

What I don't expect... is the fact that Ash has a lover. Another dragon by the name of Garion.

And I think both of them plan to use me.Ā 

Cassie Sladen did not know what mortified her worse:
The impounding of her ship or her being brought out to the impounded shipyard in restraints.
The two related situations were equally humiliating and equally unjust.

She carried herself with every bit of dignity, which was easier to summon when she thought of the wrongness of what was happening to her and how angry it made her.

Around her neck was an electronic restrainer collar. Her wrists were bound in similar cuffs. At any sign of resistance on her part --or any perverse whim on his part-- the guard at her side, clad in a uniform with dragon-scale patches, could trigger the neural shockers in the restraints and send her crashing to her knees in pain...

Alyse Manson is a journalist with a habit of chasing stories ā€“ particularly those that out bad people.

She considers herself a kind of hero in that aspect. A social justice warrior, though others might mock her for that kind of thing.

However, when she hears rumors of a trafficking ring in the shifter club, Night Vision, she goes there and ends up snagging something bigger than she expected. A shifter watches her in the club. A man with gray eyes, wearing the tag of the creature he can transform into ā€“ a dragon.

Heā€™s not the only shifter sheā€™ll meet. Thereā€™s a wolf one as well, connected to this case.

And itā€™s not long before theyā€™re all in the same boat together, doing things neither of them ever imaginedā€¦

Maude is an oddity in the kingdom she hails from.

Born into a poor family, her only prospects are to be married like her sister, though the idea of being traded for a few chickens has never appealed to her. She's good with a sword, and one day chooses to leave her home and roam the landscape in search of a better life than before.Ā 

When she goes to mine for gold in a faraway place, she's taken. Angry and annoyed, she plots to escape, even as she's sold to a group of people keen on never letting her out of their sight. The elusive bear shifters, the people of a distant kingdom ā€“ who donā€™t care if she is the ugliest person alive ā€“ as long as she is a woman.

Maude's in for an interesting time.


I grew up in a religious family.

You know the kind, strict Christian, love your neighbor and all thatā€¦ except if they happen to be gay or not a Christianā€¦ or a shifter.

Or, well, if youā€™re me. I did a littleā€¦ scheme to make money. The kind that would make my father have a fit to discover. And, well. He did.

He discovered, and I lost my way within a short time since him finding out. The shifters took me. I was traded away for safe passage, and Iā€™m not sure, even if I escape, if Iā€™ll be welcome back home.

About the only place I feel welcome nowadays is in the home of the twoĀ monsters who own me. Feltan and Arula.

Bronnen walks back home from work one day and notices a shifter staring at her.

Although shifters have integrated into human society, there's been a lot of issues with them. She shortly discovers one of those issues when she's unceremoniously kidnapped, tossed into a vehicle, and wakes up stuck in a cage, with a bunch of other women in identical prisons. Bronnen notices two things. All the women are pretty ā€“ and there's a line of shifters ready to come and inspect them, with the intent of buying them.

Two shifters are drawn in by her beauty, and her personality.

Two princes from distance clans, with the rare bloodline of dragon shifters. Two princes that start a bidding war to try and win her for their own.

Bronnen has an entirely different plan...

I was one of those people who could never sit still.

I loved to go outside and do stuff. Living in the beautiful state of New Hampshire really helped. Once spring rolled around, I practically lived in the Amethyst State Park.

But can you blame me? The hiking path was beautiful.

Still, I should have been a little wary when female hikers started missing from the path. I should have listened to my best friend, Abby, who told me not to go alone.

Did I listen?


Now, here I am, trapped inside a dark cave. I have no idea where I am or what happened to me. Was I about to encounter some of the other women who had gone on a mission, or was I about to face a similar fate?

Maybe this pungent smell has something to do with itā€¦

Whatever it is, IĀ have to get out of this alive.

Locked, thatā€™s all she is nowā€¦

Valerie Fireheart is a mage that once had the freedom to wander the kingdoms, using her magic for good wherever she could. One crime, however, gets her locked up. The murder of a prince of the Bear Kingdom. She's locked away for a long time, expecting death.

When that day comes, she soon discovers that she's not being sentenced to death at all. She's been brought by a sibling of the prince she killed. A sibling intending to exact revenge for what she did to his beloved brother. A fearsome prince with the ability to shapeshift into a bear. Valerie knows the only way she's getting out of this is if she can somehow reveal to Eldan the truth.

His brother was not the wonderful prince everyone assumed...

ā€œThis should suit you.ā€

He went over to the dresser and pulled out black lace lingerie that would cover nothing. He walked around behind me, using his fingertips to ease the straps of my wrinkled, sweat-infused dress. I stiffened, feeling deeply uncomfortable with this, but it seemed that I had no choice...

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Marion Ellmer

Storyā€™s to short xxx but good šŸ‘Œ

Marie Brown
Love it!

I love these short stories! It gives me a quick fix at lunch and keeps me hungry until I get home.

Jennifer converse
all of them

loved them

Jane Doe
Wish I could get a refund!

Not overly impressed with these stories, no wonder they were going cheap. Sadly they aren't very exciting, nothing new in the plot lines, just the boring same old, same old. I would strongly recommend saving your money and buying elsewhere.


I absolutely love these books. I found that it is much cheaper to buy the books in a group then to read each one individually.