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Auctioned To The Aldridge Brothers
Auctioned To The Aldridge Brothers
Auctioned To The Aldridge Brothers
Auctioned To The Aldridge Brothers
Auctioned To The Aldridge Brothers

Auctioned To The Aldridge Brothers

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Novel length: approximately 200 pages. Stand-alone. Happy Ending. 

I really wanted a baby...
So I enlisted myself to be auctioned to men I’ve never met. 
I just didn't expect to be shared in the process.
I ran away from my family. 

My parents wanted me to settle for a boring marriage life. 
I refused.

I’ve never been with a man before, or men, for that matter. 
But I’ve been fantasizing about the things I would like them to do to me for way too long. 
 So the night my parents brought home my super-boring husband-to-be for me to meet, I ran away.

That was it. I needed out.

“You won’t go for as much as you think you will,” my future auctioneer barked. 
 “It’s not about the money. I’m just looking for…”

“What about having, you know...?” she asked bluntly and without warning. 
“If you’re a very risk-taking person, it might raise your starting bid.”

“Sure, I’d try it,” I said.

“If you’re willing to do certain things… to learn, to experiment. It would definitely raise your value.”

“I mentioned I’d try anything,” I said again.

“You’ll be a big hit at the auction then,” she said with a smile, shaking her head.

“They’ll be clamoring for you.”

Every time she said something to make me feel like I was cattle being sold off, I reminded myself the joke was on her. 
And on whoever “bought” me.

I would leave as soon as I got what I wanted. 
This was just a means to an end.

Now there was only one question left...

 Who is it going to buy me?

This is a stand-alone novel with a HEA. All books in the "Sold To The Royals" series can be read in any order.
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About The Author: 

Hollie Hutchins is an Amazon Top 20 Best-Selling Paranormal Romance author best known for her quirky, creative romance novels. She was born and raised near Pacific Grove in California. Hollie has had multiple Amazon's Top 30 books and currently lives with Fiffy, her 11-year old Chihuahua.

A Note From The Hollie:

Who says princesses need to be well behaved?
Yeah, that’s what I thought.
As some of you may already know, I’ve been working on this series for the past year —  I can’t believe it is already here! 
I’m just going to say one thing: if I am to be reincarnated, I want to be like Princess Arabella: wearing lace corsets, slaying the world with my sassiness. 
Did I mention she gets to have two men, all for herself? Uh oh. 
Buckle up and enjoy the ride, it's going to be a wild one! 
Also, as usual, I am giving you guys a very special discount. 
Oh, and don’t forget to reach out to me and let me know your thoughts on this very sticky royal mess. 


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