Bitten Peach: The Complete 24 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection
Bitten Peach: The Complete 24 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection
Bitten Peach: The Complete 24 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection
Bitten Peach: The Complete 24 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection
Bitten Peach: The Complete 24 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection

Bitten Peach: The Complete 24 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection

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This Giant 23 Short Story Collection includes the following lesbian romance novellas by best-selling author Kristine Robinson:
  1. A Small Town Virgin
  2. That Blonde Girl
  3. Dominate Me
  4. The Masseuse
  5. Coming Back To You
  6. Starving For You 
  7. Destined
  8. She Fills Me Up
  9. Opposite Worlds
  10. Seduced By The Ranger
  11. Under The Rain
  12. The Virgin Cowgirl
  13. Catching That Outlaw Cowgirl
  14. To Fall For A Country Girl
  15. Her Sister
  16. Learn Who Is In Charge
  17. Seducing The Detective
  18. The Senator's Daughter
  19. Messing With The Law 
  20. The Stalker 
  21. The Pilot
  22. The Lawyer
  23. Taken
  24. One Wild Ride 
Top Favorites In This Collection:  

When Texas ranger Katie Star is sent from Huston to the remote Mexican village of Porvenir to execute an extradition warrant, she doesn’t realize just who she is picking up.

And when Rocio del Alba, a beautiful Mexican girl wanted for the murder of a US Congressman, is taken into the custody of Texas ranger Katie Star, she doesn’t realize that she is embarking on the wildest journey of her life.

Katie is damned clear in her mind on just about everything, not least who a good Texas girl shares her bed with. And that does not include sexy Mexican babes with silky legs, or at least it hadn’t until now. 

But if Rocio is leading Katie to question things about herself, what Rocio discovers about the Ranger, when the Mexican cartel starts gunning for them, leaves her questioning her sanity, and wishing she’d stayed in her safe, Mexican jail. 

Josephine is the perfect girlfriend. Tall, beautiful and intelligent, attentive to Grace's every need. 

She and Grace have been together for years, and their love is stronger than ever.

Grace's career is going well, too. Finally, it feels like things are coming together for her.

So why isn't she grateful? Why does she wake in the middle of the night, sweating and uneasy?

Perhaps it has to do with her boss. Voluptuous, strong-willed, and overwhelmingly feminine, Samantha is a master of seduction. But things with Samantha are seldom simple, and Grace will find her instincts tested to the limits.

Will Grace have the strength to resist her? And – perhaps more importantly – does she even want to?

I have a problem. My tendency to keep dating people who are not single is why I've had my heart broken so often. 

Because I'm an idiot. Of course, the next person who grabs my interest also falls into the taken band camp. As well as an actual band camp.

She's Jordan DeWitt, tall, blonde, a guitarist, and a damn good one. Her lyrics are perfection, much like her. I've learned every song by heart. So would you if you worked at a place where people came to sing. 

Her partner's a good singer, though Noelle's deadly looks at me could burn holes in my clothes. My best friend, of course, is warning me not to be stupid, to leave things well alone. He's nice like that.

Unfortunately, I can't. Maybe I'm just a sucker for forlorn love. Or maybe, this time, I've found something special.

After all, a girl's gotta hope, right?

I grew up not knowing what it feels like to be loved. 

There's an empty space in my heart that never gets filled, no matter what I do. I don't get attention from my mother, so I get it from strangers. After all, no matter what happens in life, it's good to know that someone out there wants you. And sometimes, I just want to be needed every once in a while. One romp in my past lingers in my memory – of a beautiful woman with eyes like the pacific Ocean.

She's something I've never felt so good with before. She's something that makes my blood do little loops of excitement. She's exceptional and stunning, and I'm inexorably drawn to her.

I kept her number for months. And it just might be that she'll be willing to help me become respectable...

When Katherine “Kitten” Moore goes back to her hometown for the summer, she’s pretty sure of what to expect. 

Her father has always been a worrywart, so it’s a wonder he even allowed her to leave town for college. She knows he’ll be overbearing as always, and things rarely change in her lazy hometown. It won’t be an exciting summer, but at least she’ll be able to catch up on sleep after some hard finals. 

What she doesn’t expect is to fall head over heels for the newest employee in her father’s bakery, a woman named Brianna. 

Though Kitten has never had feelings for a woman before, she finds herself caught in a whirlwind of passion with this forbidden fruit. Her boring summer shapes up to be more exciting than she could have ever anticipated, and her dislike for dating-- dating boys, at least, is beginning to make more sense. However, a dark secret from Brianna’s past threatens to tear the two apart. 

Will their developing feelings for each other prevail, or will Brianna give in to her memories?


I want to be the best meteorologist I can be, but also know that there is a lot that I need to learn. I'm lucky to have a senior videographer with me, to be a mentor and to show me the ropes. We're headed to a little town that just got destroyed by what is being reported as the biggest tornado ever. We'll be the first station on the scene, but I get the feeling we'll need help from the locals. I hope there is someone there who can be a guide of sorts. I really need this assignment to go well, and hope it does. 


I've been living on my family’s ranch, working and keeping to myself, for years now. The small town that was just ravaged by the elements was the closest thing to civilization in my small corner of the world. Now that it's been nearly wiped off the map, I wonder what will happen. What is needed now more than ever is for the media to pick up the story and run with it. There is so much that the rest of the world has going on, but right now, the people that need help the most live only a short ride in my trusty truck from me. I hope there is something I can do to help.

Beverly is a doctor who has an affair with a patient that ends in tragedy. 

Instead of letting it ruin her days, she heads down to Chile to a resort at her parents' suggestion. When she gets there, she is approached by a female guide named Vanessa. 

Vanessa is bold and beautiful, the kind of woman that people think of when they think of strong women. Beverly is at first wary but then warms up to the idea of spending some time with Vanessa as a tour guide.

Vanessa takes Beverly out to a beautiful spot that she doesn't usually show anyone, or often visits, because she's afraid of other people finding out about it. The place is a breathtaking waterfall where the mist creates giant rainbows. 

On the way back, things become interesting as a squall moves in from the coast to the hinterland. Beverly and Vanessa must figure out a way to make it through not just the storm, but life, together—or maybe not together. 

Beverly isn't so sure, and it's up to Vanessa to convince her.

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