Bound To Me: The 35 Short Story Gay Romance Collection
Bound To Me: The 35 Short Story Gay Romance Collection
Bound To Me: The 35 Short Story Gay Romance Collection
Bound To Me: The 35 Short Story Gay Romance Collection
Bound To Me: The 35 Short Story Gay Romance Collection
Bound To Me: The 35 Short Story Gay Romance Collection
Bound To Me: The 35 Short Story Gay Romance Collection

Bound To Me: The 35 Short Story Gay Romance Collection

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This Giant 35 Short Novels Series includes the following gay romance novellas by best-selling author Malcolm Bryant:
  1. The Teacher’s Desk
  2. What Happens In The Woods
  3. Used By The Criminals
  4. The Lawyer’s Virginity
  5. Forced By The Outlaw
  6. Bending The Billionaire
  7. A Virgin For The Boss
  8. Saving Him
  9. The Things He Whispers In My Ear
  10. Between The Biker And The Soldier
  11. Arrested
  12. A Night At The Beach
  13. Mine To Use
  14. Caught Between Soldiers
  15. Team Secrets
  16. The Billionaire’s Pet
  17. The Basketball Team
  18. Fire
  19. My Best Friend’s Brother
  20. Sold To The Cowboys
  21. Surrender To Me
  22. Owned By The Mechanics
  23. Navy Issues
  24. Family Secrets My Cousin Is Forbidden
  25. Stripped Down
  26. Got A New Boss
  27. Officer
  28. The Masseuse
  29. Unexpected Love
  30. Hostile
  31. Double Revenge
  32. Sleeping With A Hacker
  33. Love Me Hard
  34. Lab Prescription
  35. You Can Stay On The Couch
Top Favorites In This Collection:  

Ark never imagined a life like this. 

He was sold. His mother had died. His stepfather and stepbrother had betrayed him. He was left alone in the world, shackled to two men who had bought him at a ranch. 

He didn’t know what to do or where his future would go, but things took a decided turn when he got to the ranch.

The two men that bought him, Gregg and Nathan, are different, both from each other and from everyone else. They live on a ranch of all men where everything and everyone is held in common. 

It’s different for Ark, much, much different.

I was a sucker, but I loved money.

Probably not the best combination, but it’d never gotten me into trouble before.

At least until I met the Ramos brothers, two fiery demons with eyes of cold steel.

They wanted the best lawyer in town, and they were willing to pay for it, plus have my yearly salary.

It was a losing case. These men had at least fifteen years in front of them.

They were probably going to die behind bars.

But like I said, I love money and these men…

They were like lions circling in, one licking his lips, the other sharpening his claws.

I was vulnerable with my guard down. I didn’t expect what they had in store for me.

They knew how to get what they wanted. 

I just never thought they’d actually want me

Edgar Fallow is a call boy with a dark past and what looks to be an even more dismal future. 

When he's offered an escape to a billionaire's estate, he accepts immediately. 

He'll do anything to avoid the man after his head. However, he finds himself in a stranger predicament than he could have ever anticipated, at the hands of not one John, but two. 

With a year's contract, he'll have enough time and sufficient funds to plan an escape from the city. 

But will he be able to?

Jacob Benton

I know that it’s wrong.

Hank has been gone for two years overseas, serving his country with distinction, and I’ve

fallen for his older brother Kenneth.

I wouldn’t give it up for the world. He makes me happy. The one thing missing is the one that got away. 

Hank is coming home. He has this hold over me. I can’t explain it. Just one look, and I know that I will fall into his arms. I have to stop it from happening.

Hank Killian

I left him thinking that I would forget about him. I felt that I was destined to live in my brother’s shadow. 

I had to do this for me and not for anybody else.

Coming home isn’t easy. I’ve heard of how Kenneth and Jacob have gotten to know each other intimately. I want to be the bigger man. 

I want to give them my blessing and show that there are no hard feelings. 

It all changes when I see him.

I want Jacob. I ache for him like I have with no other man. I always thought that what we had was unhealthy. I understand that he has moved on. I can’t let it go. 

I know that he has feelings for me. 

I can see it in his eyes. 

I only need to rekindle the flame to make it burn brightly. I can’t help the way that I feel. 

It’s a betrayal of my brother’s trust. That first kiss is going to be my downfall. 

Daniel couldn’t help wondering whether or not his strange idiosyncratic life as a full-time novelist had finally put too much strain on the relationship. 

All those late nights he stayed up banging on the keys, marching back and forth from his workroom to the kitchen, a steaming cup of coffee and a plate of food in hand.

But now it was over. 

He would have to pick up the pieces and move on with his life. To do that, he plans on spending the next few weeks holed up in his North California cabin. It’s the one place in the world that he can come to for peace, calm, and tranquility. 

This trip to the cabin, however,  will be unlike any other.


Trent was happy to take on the mayor’s bounty to capture Dayton Marshal. 

Sure, Dayton was a lifetime criminal who had been on the run from the FBI most of his adult life, but Trent could handle him. Couldn’t he? 

It should have been simple. He’d done his research and had the mayor and an FBI agent in his corner, so how did Dayton keep getting the upper hand?

Trent was supposed to despise the guy; after all, Dayton was a criminal, and he was a bounty hunter. He shouldn’t notice how sexy Dayton is, especially since he hasn’t looked at anyone since his wife died, and never a man. 

He definitely shouldn’t give in to his desires and cross over to Dayton’s side, but resisting the temptation might turn out to be too difficult for Trent.

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