Evil Empires: The Complete Series
Evil Empires: The Complete Series
Evil Empires: The Complete Series
Evil Empires: The Complete Series
Evil Empires: The Complete Series
Evil Empires: The Complete Series
Evil Empires: The Complete Series
Evil Empires: The Complete Series

Evil Empires: The Complete Series

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The Evil Empire Series includes the following full-length dark romance novels by best-selling author Daniella Wright:
  1. Sold To Mr. Milano 
  2. Secret Baby Wedding Scandal 
  3. Bought By My Husband’s Brother 
  4. Step-Brothers’ Baby 
  5. Sold To The Mendozas 
  6. Owned By The Mendozas 
  7. Split By The Mendozas 


I Was Struck By The Sight Of Her. 

With a baby on the way.
On display, half-naked, contained by iron rods like a wild beast. 

I almost started to feel bad for her…
Until I recognized who she was.
Alicia Martino. 

The despicable feisty thing that tried to bring me down eight years ago.
The daughter of the man who’s dedicated his life to annihilate my family.
I’ve had men killed for less than what she did that day.
But she was still a kid back then.


I see men grab at her through the bars.
Ripping away what’s left of her clothing. 
She’s spitting and bitting and clawing back at them.

The girl has quite a spirit; I’ll give her that.

I could walk away right now.
Or I could put this opportunity to good use.
And make her dear dad pay for all the damage he’s caused me.

“Leave her alone,” I hear myself say.
Alicia turns to the sound of my voice.
Stunned into stillness our eyes meet…and I know she knows.

She knows that falling into my hands is far worse than staying in that cage.

“If there is anyone here today who sees reason why these two should not be joined in matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

“…I object!”

Mr. Milano,

I wish I could be happier with you as I write these words, but truthfully I have never hated you more. What we have shared has been confusing and wonderful. I never imagined it meant so little to you. I suppose it was stupid of me to hope for anything more. Your wife has told me everything. The wedding. You proposing to fire me. Even as I write this, I am still speechless…

You should know that I am pregnant. Your wife announced you will be renewing your vows before I had a chance to tell you… But you needn’t worry. Now that you have made your choice, I have made my own. I could never give birth to your child under these circumstances. I told your wife one of my family members was ill and needed my care for a few days.

This will buy me the time I need to…

I don’t know how long I can tolerate living under the same roof as you after everything that has happened, but I will try my best for Paula’s sake. When I return, it will be like none of this between us ever happened. And I can see now that I will be better off for it.


I sold my body to a stranger...
After my husband cheated on me.

I didn't have much left:
My need to feel desired.
My right to be loved.
My heart in pieces, scattered on the floor.

It was enough to make put my photograph on the list.
I did what no woman of my status would have done.

When your confidence and your soul are both hanging from a thread, it doesn’t matter where you come from.
Or how much wealth and reputation is attached to your name.

We all hurt the same.

I get a piece of my heart back when I receive the message.
There's someone interested in me.
Someone who actually wants me, not the fortune I once had.
He's a young, wealthy gentleman from Argentina in need of a wife…
Apparently, he requested me immediately, the moment he saw my photograph.

Of course, my hope had to be short-lived.

It becomes too obvious too quickly there's something wicked about this man.
And so, when my blindfold comes off, I see him.
I see the monster behind the mask. 

He didn't call me wife, no, he called me pet.

The shattered pieces of my heart? 
They are about to become dust.


I knew my days at the Milano Mansion were counted when I moved in…

I'd be walking down the aisle just like my mother did in no time.
Knowing in my heart my arranged marriage would be as much of a failure as her first marriage was.

I had hoped I could use my time here to tame my wild spirit.
To live a little before I became a slave bride.

But I couldn't be more wrong when I thought the worst was yet to come.

Being the bratty and spoiled new little sister didn't help my cause.
Neither did my midnight escapades to swim at the lake.
Or the fact the I played not with one, but with the only two men I wasn't allowed to touch.
It turns out I'm more of a cheater than I ever was bratty or spoiled.

And the little secret I'm carrying?
It could destroy my whole future.

I can only hope my wedding dress isn't so tight.

The four Mendoza monsters wanted an heir to their empire. 

So they bought one.

Going to the auction house was my last resource.
I lost all rights the moment I allowed them to put a price on my body.

The right to choose the father of my baby.
The right to not have him ripped away from my arms.
The right to not be forced to leave and never get to be his mom.

The contract terms clearly stated what was expected of me.
But it didn’t offer me any protection.

I could be locked up for all Erick Mendoza cares.
He could chain me up.
Cage me.
Use me or discard me.
Pass me around.

And God knows what else…
Maybe even share me.

Could I make it out alive before I’m torn to pieces?


The moment I open my eyes, I’m hit with a bright light.

I wince from the sharp surge of pain in my skull that shoots straight down to my core.
Instantly, I know something isn’t right. 

...My baby.

Where is my baby?!

“Always expect the worst... and be prepared.”

I can’t believe the madness my life has become.
How did they go from wanting to raise a child together to wanting to kill each other?

I was supposed to give them a baby and not walk away until my job was done.
But I couldn’t do either.

And so this war started.

I’ve been locked up, tied, and chained.
I’ve been used for sex and been made love to.
I’ve hurt them and been hurt in return.
I’ve betrayed them and made them betray each other.

I’ve split four dangerous men who were once brothers.
Four men who once shared a dream.
Who once shared me.

We are far too broken to piece this back together.
Now my question is…

Who will be killed next?


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 499 reviews
    Janice Kirk

    Split By The Mendozas (Evil Empires Book 7) Final Book

    Judith Shaw

    Great set the series Malano/Mendozas I paid for the full series of books and was not disappointed especially the books with Luna. I have also read other books by this author and again not disappointed throughly enjoyed

    Guylaine Rozon

    Step-Brothers' Baby (Evil Empires Book 4) —eBook

    Vicki Tavana
    Fully enjoyable

    This series of books held my interest enough that I was willing to pay for all 3, which sometimes isn't the case (I'm on a very tight budget) The interactions between Luna and the brothers were so irritating in many ways, and there were enough twists and turns that it kept me on tenterhooks waiting to see what the ending would be, She didn't disappoint.

    Susan Carrick
    pleasant surprise

    I have read each book in the Evil Empires series and found them all very good. There were lots of twists and turns in each one but they all were intertwined just a little. I will read them all again in the future.