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Four Daddies' Secret Twins: The Complete eBook Series - 2023 Edition
Four Daddies' Secret Twins: The Complete eBook Series - 2023 Edition

Four Daddies' Secret Twins: The Complete eBook Series - 2023 Edition

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The following words were written by Andrea Remington on what she knew were the last months of her life:

Four monsters took me that night. Now I carry the consequences.

How do you tell the father if you don’t who it is?
Would he deserve to know even when, after everything they did to me, he left me for dead?

It's OK. You don't have to answer. It doesn’t matter anymore.

I have just been discarded by the ones that were supposed to take care of me.
My family... 
Giving our most powerful enemy their only heir is the ultimate defeat.

I'm confined to an underground cage along with the little miracles that grow inside me.
We won't be given the supplies or special care we need.
By the 9th month, they expect my babies to eat their way out.
My ending will be all-natural.

And as I stare into the darkness of these four concrete walls I wonder…

What if the monsters knew?
What if they knew, somehow, that one of them was going to be a father?

This Book Series Includes The Following 7 Books:
Book 1: That One Night
Book 2: The End Of A Queen
Book 3: The Monster Is Back
Book 4: A Vengeful Kitty
Book 5: The Secret Is No More
Book 6: It Was Never Love
Book 7: The Monster Is Gone


A Note On This Edition:

From an Amazon Top 15 Best-Seller in 2018, Four Daddies' Secret Twins has just been expanded into a full series of 7 novels. This 2023 edition is exclusively available at our bookstore.

Customer Reviews

Based on 746 reviews
Shelly Morgan
Four Daddies' Secret Twins

This was a page Turner for me. Read the whole series this weekend. Twists, craziness and wicked deeds. Enjoyed it, I love dark paranormal romance.

Mama mia... 😍

Oh boy! Where do I begin? This is -not arguably- her best series to date. I like me some dark and intense characters with my paranormal, and even though I'd read anything from historical to alien romance, it is the depravity of a story what really gets me off. Everything exceeded my expectation for this series' new edition, from the covers to the book video to the plot. Great job! And thank you so much for such a handsome piece of art. ❤️

SeeTrough Fish
A story ruined?

As a fan of the very first edition, I felt compelled to write a review on the 2023. I clearly remember the first time I saw Four Daddies’ Secret Twins in the Amazon Top 20. I was unsure but intrigued about the cover, and the story description seemed interesting, so I gave the author a chance. I believe this was one of the first reverse harem books to stay in the best sellers for so long… so I had big hopes. The original story did not disappoint me but was rather short. So when I learned she had extended (and rewritten) the story got very excited.
Now, onto the 2023 version… Not necessarily better. Please just hear me out.
The author went from a rather sweet paranormal romance to a VERY dark paranormal romance story. While I understand this version might be closer to what she originally intended it to be, it is rather shocking to the fans of the first one.
If you enjoy dark romance and unkind alpha males, then this one is for you. You won't need to read the OG.

Antonio Vazquez
Too dark

There was nothing wrong with the original version, why did you have to change it? There is nothing kind or redeemable about these alphas. Wasted.

Gianna Massey

Four Daddies' Secret Twins