Forbidden Fruit: The 38 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection
Forbidden Fruit: The 38 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection
Forbidden Fruit: The 38 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection
Forbidden Fruit: The 38 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection
Forbidden Fruit: The 38 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection
Forbidden Fruit: The 38 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection
Forbidden Fruit: The 38 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection

Forbidden Fruit: The 38 Short Story Lesbian Romance Collection

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This GiantĀ 38 ShortĀ Story Series includes the followingĀ lesbianĀ romanceĀ novellas by best-selling authorĀ Kristine Robinson:
  1. Sold To The Billionaire Girlfriends
  2. Dominated By Two Girls
  3. Bribing The Professor
  4. White House Scandal
  5. I Like It With Both
  6. Owned By The Soldiers
  7. We Share
  8. Teasing The Teacher
  9. Bad Roommate
  10. Naughty Sisters
  11. My Secret Cravings
  12. First Touch
  13. She Does Things To Me
  14. She Used Me: My First Time
  15. Seducing a Straight Girl
  16. Freshman Year
  17. Virgin Beginnings
  18. My College Obsession
  19. First Time In College
  20. I Have Feelings For Her
  21. My Bossā€™ Wife
  22. Intimidated By The Detective
  23. Taking The Lawyerā€™s Virginity
  24. Soft
  25. I Choose Her
  26. The Secret Girlfriend
  27. Girls Do It Better
  28. My Dirty Secrets
  29. Make Me Smile Again
  30. Making Her Mine
  31. The Marshall
  32. A Night In The Woods
  33. Secret Teachings
  34. New to College, New To Girls
  35. The President's Daughter
  36. The CEO
  37. My Boss Is A Pain
  38. Unexpected Love
  39. The PerfectĀ  Stranger
TopĀ Favorites In This Collection:Ā Ā 

Sonya Franco never thought she would become a call girl.Ā 

Luckily, it was something that she quickly picked up.

But every job has its disadvantages.Ā 

For her, things can get a bit dangerousā€¦

For instance, a new contract with two brand new clients in a remote location.Ā 

But Sonya is on the run and is willing to take the chance.Ā 

It canā€™t be worse than her current situation, can it?

After eight years of marriage, I discovered my husband was sleeping with his assistant.Ā 

My entire life, I had lived just for Elliot. Doing everything he wished, supporting his life and being the perfect wife.Ā 

Now, I had nothing. No husband, no future family, no plans. It was a position that I had never found myself in before. I had no idea how to date; honestly, getting back into the scene sounded horrifying.Ā 

Yet I still went to the bar that night. I went out to drink away my worries, hoping to get hit by a car.Ā 

That didnā€™t happen, of course, or else who would be telling you this story?

The story of how I finally cut away from my husband, took control of my life and, during that fateful night at the bar, met two people that would completely change my life in a way I never imagined.

So, pull up a chair cause I have quite a story to shareā€¦

My best friend, Alice, and I had shared a boyfriend before.Ā 

It was easy. We were best friends and didnā€™t fight; we just took turns with our man and divided him evenly between the two of us.Ā 

When Alice suggested I have a threesome with her and the sexy history teacher Professor James Arndt, I barely had to think about it before I agreed to the sexy rendezvous.Ā 

As the three of us grew closer, we decided that we wanted more than a sexual relationship, but we didnā€™t know that there would be a big obstacle in our way of happiness togetherā€¦

The love of my life left me.

She vanished into the world without even a whisper my way, leaving me alone, discarded and crushed. How do you cope with someone just dumping you like that? What should you do when you love them but hate them for what they've done?

Not much, I can tell you. I eventually patched up the pieces of my heart and got with someone else. She's the older sister known as Jaimie Gold and has the strut, the attitude, and a vibe about her that I love. She lights up those dark places, and I find myself growing to love her.

I'm happy with how things are... until Leona Gold comes back three years later, bringing all the unanswered questions with her.Ā 

Bringing back the memories I had never truly forgotten...

What am I doing, standing outside my bossā€™s house with a pair of concert tickets in my hand?Ā 

Trying to flirt with him to convince him to give me a promotion at the bank wasnā€™t the smartest idea I ever had. But when gunfire erupts inside the house, and a young boy runs fleeing for his life, crazy things start to happen that turn my world upside down.

Gun-wielding henchmen, drug-addled bag ladies, and the biggest bank heist in history lead me on a wild ride across the country with a little help from danger, intrigue, justice, and good old-fashioned romance.Ā 

Can I save a boy in danger, a broken-hearted junkie, and maybe even myself from flying bullets and evil embezzlers?Ā 

Can love really conquer all and transform a couple of lost sheep, or will my friends and I end up in a shallow grave in the middle of the North Dakota wilderness?

How do I tell someone that I am broken and can't have kids?

All I have ever wanted is to have a family and for someone to love me for myself. I thought I had found that, but then it all vanished overnight. My husband left me because I couldn't give him children. I don't know how to be myself anymore. Why would anyone saddle themselves with someone as defective as me?

Hallie Eves is a hard-boiled detective, ex-military.Ā 

A murder occurs that reminds her of a case she worked on in Iraq, a case that never found justice. Determined to make up for the past, she throws herself into the case, sure that she knows who did it, but without evidence, her actions seem reckless.Ā 

Judy Stevens, Hallie's partner, is level-headed and smart and becomes worried about Hallie. There are secrets in Hallie's past of which she is unaware, but after some digging, the truth begins to reveal itself, and the two of them find themselves involved in a conspiracy.Ā 

But in the simmering heat of a blazing summer, there are more secrets, hidden desires that the two women have hidden from each other. But now, as their partnership is strained, will they finally seize their passion, or will they lose each other?

All I planned to do in college was keep my head down and studyā€¦Ā 

Prepare myself to be the businesswoman my parents had raised me to be. But my plan didnā€™t count on her ā€” her flashing blue eyes, crooked smile, and talent for trouble.Ā 

I couldnā€™t help but get swept away by her charm and intoxicating kisses. I could do it all; I could excel at school and everything else in my life while falling head over heels for the girl who was at the root of anything illicit, unsanctioned, and under the table.Ā 

At least Iā€™d better be able to, or else I will lose everything, both my future and what I think might be the first real love Iā€™ve ever had.

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