My First Time: The 14 Short Story Gay Romance Collection
My First Time: The 14 Short Story Gay Romance Collection
My First Time: The 14 Short Story Gay Romance Collection
My First Time: The 14 Short Story Gay Romance Collection

My First Time: The 14 Short Story Gay Romance Collection

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This 14 Short NovelĀ Collection includes the followingĀ gayĀ romance novellasĀ by best-selling authorĀ Randell McCreary:
  1. Bought For Entertainment
  2. Kidnapped By The Demons
  3. Kidnapped In A Camping Trip
  4. Sold To Carnal Desires
  5. Step-Brothers
  6. My Final Opponent
  7. Auctioned To The Billionaires
  8. To Love A Hitman
  9. I Am Straight
  10. Used By His Cousin
  11. Cowboy Secrets
  12. Sold To The Damiani Mafia
  13. A Straight Guy In The Army
  14. Sold In The West
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Noah Waverly drives three friends southward to Spring Break and rents a hotel room for the four of them.Ā 

They repay him by having an orgy and locking him out of the room. This was nothing more than a continuation of their bullying for the past four years.

Noah storms off to the beach. Heā€™s swept out to sea, goes under, and the world goes black.Ā 

He knows heā€™s in heaven, because a strong, attractive angel is making out with him. He tries to respond, drawing the angel closer until he starts spitting up water. Itā€™s actually one of the lifeguards step-brothers, giving him mouth-to-mouth.


One commonly known thing about the West is that it is hard to survive.Ā 

After working on the rails in the wilds of Utah, young Gin is sold off to a man with pockets as deep as the abyss. The man owns the bank and therefore owns the money and the trade. Slaves have been freed, but that means nothing when you are rich.

After buying the young boy, he auctions him off to start his new life on a ranch as a worker. Everyone knows that no one can hear you scream when you are out in the middle of nowhereā€¦

I'm prepared to do anything to get my family out of debt.Ā 

Even if it means dropping out of school and becoming an escort. It's a price worth paying.

Becoming an escort isn't the easiest thing around. People always say about the money that prostitutes make, but I know that it's rarely as glamorous as it seems. And I'm a guy. There arenā€™t nearly as many guy prostitutes as there are women. But right now, we're so close to being kicked out of homeā€¦ I have to do something. I have to stop us from being thrown out on the streets.

I find a company. Lusthaven. A company that's keen to have me and keen to make sure I don't do anything without their express permission. And they want me to be a male escort... to other men.

Well, it could be worse, I suppose.

Aiden Lawson:

I just needed to get some money for school. I really never expected anything else to come of the auction. I'll admit it was a desperate move, but it was one I would do again.

Jacob Dorne:Ā 

When Mason first brought the idea of the auction up to me, I didnā€™t know if it would help me find what I was really looking for. It's hard to find a deep connection when money motivates those involved. Maybe that's why I agreed to the auction. It felt safe approaching love from a business standpoint.

Mason Brandt:Ā 

I've had my fair share of lovers, and not all of them deserve the word love in that title. I just wanted truthfulness after a decade of pain and lies. I never thought that when I let Aiden into my bed that he would find a way into my heart.

The Barton farm, owned jointly by Harriet Barton and her second cousin, Eldridge Granger, needed a new farm hand.Ā 

Dillon had died in Iowaā€™s first auto accident, so Eldridge sent his son, Freddy, to take Dillonā€™s place.

Carl, Harriet and Jacobā€™s son, was glad Dillon was gone because he had abused Carl. He was also sad because taking care of the house and his older parents was a full-time job for him. With Dillon no longer available, Carl was expected to do Dillonā€™s job plus his own.

Carl remembered Freddy as a fat and bratty little kid, always making life miserable for his cousin. The man who got out of the carriage was neither fat nor little but still appeared ready to make Carl the target of his venom. He was well-built and one of the most attractive men Carl had ever seen.

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