One Girl Five Hungry Beasts — eBook
One Girl Five Hungry Beasts — eBook
One Girl Five Hungry Beasts — eBook
One Girl Five Hungry Beasts — eBook

One Girl Five Hungry Beasts — eBook

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An Amazon Top 20 Bestselling Novel by Hollie Hutchins

Full-Lenght, 200 pages & HEA

"Pick five."
"Pick them yourself, or we'll pick them for you."

But... but how will I know who's my baby-daddy!? 

It's my twenty-eighth birthday.
They have imprisoned me to stop me from escaping.
They know I don't want to be taken by the wolves - I'd rather be dead.
But still, I'm taken, sold off by my own family for a few coins.
Let's keep it real; my parents never loved me.

I'm half expecting the wolves to eat me or something.
But instead, I'm taken to a ceremonial palace.
I am to pick five husbands...
I will live with them in a marriage home.

Yeah, you heard that right. 

I'll also be expected to bear their children.
The more children, the better...

Like, seriously!?

I had barely accepted the idea of just one normal husband.
But five werewolf shifter husbands!?
They can turn into vicious animals at the slightest provocation...
Five hungry, aggressive men who have not seen a woman in 100 years...

Yeah, 100 years.

How could I possibly handle all that?

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Jolanda de Graaf

I enjoyed the story immensly. 5 beasts? Yum. Anytime. :D

Carol Westbrook


Wolf romance at a whole new level!

I was never into sci-fi romance or wolves. I read this and I couldn't put it down! It was hot, steamy, detailed and I loved it! The whole book was great. The ending was a little fast but it has potential for a 2nd book.

Olasumbo Ojikutu-akintunde

One Girl Five Hungry Beasts — eBook

j plecko

One Girl Five Hungry Beasts — eBook