Owned By The Shadow Beasts: The Complete Collection
Owned By The Shadow Beasts: The Complete Collection

Owned By The Shadow Beasts: The Complete Collection

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This Giant 16 e-Book Series includes the following full-length paranormal romance novels by best-selling authors Hollie Hutchins and Daniella Wright:
  1. The Unicorn's Bride
  2. Captured By The Royals
  3. Rescued By The White Unicorn
  4. A Pet For The Commander
  5. Property Of The Commander
  6. Owned By The Commander
  7. Bad Wolves In College
  8. Abducted From Campus
  9. Pack Or Love
  10. Sold To The Dragon King
  11. Sold To The Dragon Princes
  12. The Monarch's Property 
  13. For The Beast To Please Book I 
  14. For The Beast To Please Book II
  15. For The Beast To Please Book III
  16. For The Beast To Please Book IV
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Being abducted and enslaved by aliens isn’t fun. 

Rakesh’s interest in me extends beyond slave and master, however…

Out of all the things I expected to happen in my life, becoming Rakesh’s pet wasn’t it.

I was taken due to mistaken identity.
Dumb creatures thought my surname meant I was a warrior. They thought to extract military secrets from me.

Being a pet is humiliating, but it’s not above me to do the role. To let them do anything they want with my body.

Rakesh certainly wants my body. But he won’t take my mind…

As mate to the red dragon, I’m in more danger than I know.

Not just from Rakesh’s enemies – but from the Red Dragon himself.
If he loses control… there’s nothing I can do.
I am his, and he is mine.

P’tah warned me about the volatile nature of dragons. They could be unpredictable and territorial. They could be savage and brutal.
Knowing all that only adds to the excitement, stirring the dark desires underneath.

I’m living a dangerous life, straddling the line between being the sole representative of the earth and being the dragon’s mate – and a prime target for anyone who wants to weaken Rakesh’s power.

More than all of this, though, my presence threatens Troitek society. I bring change and my outlandish human ways. And many would seek to bring me down before it happens.

I hope to find the strength to save my planet, protect my love, and live to tell the tale.

I want to return to earth, but I don’t want to leave Rakesh. But soon, I will need to make my choice...

I thought I’d escaped the clutches of those bent on my destruction. But there are new enemies. And I’ll need new allies.

More than that, I need Rakesh at my side, and he needs me. 
People see us as their myths come to life. I don’t know what to make of them. But I know our love’s about to be put to the ultimate test.

Through violence, war, and longing, we must fight to save our home planets. His on Troiken, and mine on Earth. 
But he won’t come back to me to Earth if we do succeed

The winds of fate may just blow us in separate directions…

Everything went horribly wrong as soon as I opened that damn letter. 

Now I'm trapped in a university that is secretly a breeding center for the endangered werewolf species.

Luckily I have a white knight, though: Beltane, the gorgeous campus Alpha. He's sexy, smart, and cares. Everything you'd want in a man.

There’s also Karin. More of a red knight. The loner with his own brand of attraction.
Bad boy charm, and a brooding outcast.

I need to protect myself, to survive the next six years in this hell.

And perhaps, only perhaps, Beltane and Karin can help out in that… 
by claiming me for themselves.

I guess I’m just the average college girl, except I’ve been kidnapped by werewolves.

Things at LGB are finally starting to click into place. I’ve got Beltane’s protection, and I’ve started classes. Everything is looking up with friends, love and college. 

The only problem? Not everyone is keen on Beltane’s method of government and there’s a plot brewing to try and take his pack from him. If Beltane loses, so do I. On top of that, Aiza, my closest friend has disappeared.

Now it’s up to me, Beltane and Karin to find her. Can we put aside our feelings long enough to save her?

Will we be able to save ourselves?

I’m just an average girl, but with the aid of a skillet and my friends, I’m about to dismantle all of werewolf society.

When Aiza was taken, my sheltered life at LBG came crashing down. Now I know there’s no way we can stay here, but how are we supposed to overcome a group of super strong werewolves?

There’s no way I can do this without Beltane and Karin’s help. I need to make them see that helping us escape and exposing the organization is the right thing to do.

But with the werewolves on the brink of extinction, will they be willing to risk exposure?

What happens when you ask someone to choose between pack and love?

Rynna is not your average young woman.

Living in the slums, she lives with her parents and ten siblings. She works hard with her mother to ensure her family is provided for. She is surprised when her parents inform her that they have chosen a husband for her. With no dowry to offer, she had yet to receive any offers for marriage. 

However, the truth of the matter ends up being much more insidious. Sold for a bag full of coins, Rynna is thrust into the life of a slave. Though she makes some friends along the way, she can only wonder if she will find safety. The answer seems to come in the form of an elaborately dressed man. 

Finding herself among a dozen others, she realizes that she has only found herself with another question. 

Would she be chosen by the Dragon King?

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Judith Shaw
Owned By The Shadow Beasts

Brilliant series really enjoyed

Stephanie Barber
Owned By The Shadow Beasts

I looove this series as I do ALL of the books I own.. in spite of the typos, these are deliciously dark stories!! I can’t get enough 🤩🤩🤩

Brenda - who reads a lot
Owned By The Shadow Beasts

It's still in the queue to be read and I'll post up when I'm done.... probably closer to January 2022 as there are 17 books ahead of it.

Kim Bourne
Owned By The Shadow Beasts

brillent loved these books

Heather Jean
Owned By The Shadow Beasts

Wow what a newly imagined twist on a magical paranormal romance . Travel from modern to not, experience family loss, discover inner strength and a self peace. And follow a developing love!
This could roll out into an amazing series!
I rcvd this free thru arc for an honest review.