Sold To The Mendozas (Evil Empires Book 5) —eBook

Sold To The Mendozas (Evil Empires Book 5) —eBook

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The four Mendoza monsters wanted an heir for their empire. 

So they bought one.

Going to the auction house was my last resource.
I lost all rights the moment I allowed them to put a price on my body.

The right to chose the father of my baby.
The right to not have him being ripped away from my arms.
The right to not be forced to leave and never get to be his mom.

The contract terms clearly stated what was expected of me.
But it didn’t offer me any protection.

I could be locked up for all Erick Mendoza cares.
He could chain me up.
Cage me.
Use me or discard me.
Pass me around.

And God knows what else…
Maybe even share me.

Could I make it our alive before I’m torn to pieces?

Customer Reviews

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Kathy van Wamel
Great title

Enjoyed the series looking forward to reading book 7

Sold to the Mendozas

I really enjoyed the book; however the end leaves you wondering on what will happen next as there wasn't a second book to continue. I could see how one person can bring out the good in someone. Reading the evil empires books were all good and interesting in their own way. I just really hope there's a continuation to Sold to the Mendozas.

Phyllis Still
like the title

don't like cliff hangers and this was one.

Annalea Hembrow

Sold To The Mendozas (Evil Empires Book 5) —eBook

Ievgeniia Boiko

No intrigue at all, couldn’t finish