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Split By The Mendozas (Evil Empires Book 7) Final Book
Split By The Mendozas (Evil Empires Book 7) Final Book
Split By The Mendozas (Evil Empires Book 7) Final Book

Split By The Mendozas (Evil Empires Book 7) Final Book

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“Always expect the worst... and be prepared.”

I can’t believe the madness my life has become.
How did they go from wanting to raise a child together to wanting to kill each other?

I was supposed to give them a baby and not walk away until my job was done.
But I couldn’t do either.

And so this war started.

I’ve been locked up, tied, and chained.
I’ve been used for sex and been made love to.
I’ve hurt them and been hurt in return.
I’ve betrayed them and made them betray each other.

I’ve split four dangerous men who were once brothers.
Four men who once shared a dream.
Who once shared me.

We are far too broken to piece this back together.
Now my question is…

Who will be killed next?

Customer Reviews

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Janice Kirk

Split By The Mendozas (Evil Empires Book 7) Final Book

Judith Shaw

Great set the series Malano/Mendozas I paid for the full series of books and was not disappointed especially the books with Luna. I have also read other books by this author and again not disappointed throughly enjoyed

Vicki Tavana
Fully enjoyable

This series of books held my interest enough that I was willing to pay for all 3, which sometimes isn't the case (I'm on a very tight budget) The interactions between Luna and the brothers were so irritating in many ways, and there were enough twists and turns that it kept me on tenterhooks waiting to see what the ending would be, She didn't disappoint.

Karen Chappell
Happy ending

I’m so glad Nicholas fixed everything with the cousins and came home. I was hoping the 3 of them would get married and have a baby. I’m so happy that Oscar finally has the love and stability he deserves. I wish the loose ends were tied up though.

Back and Forth

I read all 3 of the Mendoza books and I was teetering back and forth. Luna was so wishie washie that I couldn't empathize with her to the degree I have with other heroines. The split between the brothers seemed over blown and over the top. Alpha males will remain alpha males and no matter how good the sex is no woman is changing them. Sorry ladies the magical vag is not a thing. Could they have true feelings for Luna? Absolutely, but if that was all it took to split the brothers apart forever it would have manifested early on.