Step-Brothers' Baby (Evil Empires Book 4) —eBook

Step-Brothers' Baby (Evil Empires Book 4) —eBook

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I knew my days at the Milano Mansion were counted when I moved in…

I'd be walking down the aisle just like my mother did in no time.
Knowing in my heart my arranged marriage would be as much of a failure as her first marriage was.

I had hoped I could use my time here to tame my wild spirit.
To live a little before I became a slave bride.

But I couldn't be more wrong when I thought the worst was yet to come.

Being the bratty and spoiled new little sister didn't help my cause.
Neither did my midnight escapades to swim at the lake.
Or the fact the I played not with one, but with the only two men I wasn't allowed to touch.
It turns out I'm more of a cheater than I ever was bratty or spoiled.

And the little secret I'm carrying?
It could destroy my whole future.

I can only hope my wedding dress isn't so tight.

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JoAnne Hazen

Enjoyed the book very much.

Susan Arac
long and boring

not worth the time you spend reading it. The h is not moving and the H starts off as grumpy macho and ends up kike a little kitten. Doesn't make sense.

Lynette Perks
Evil Empires book four

Really enjoyed this book I am never disappointed with this series .

Sharon Bates

Step-Brothers' Baby (Evil Empires Book 4) —eBook

Hjördis Lara Hjartardottir
It’s alright

The female lead got on my nerves wish she could have a backbone. I did not like her at all