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Twenty-Four Hungry Beasts: The Complete e-Book Mega Series
Twenty-Four Hungry Beasts: The Complete e-Book Mega Series

Twenty-Four Hungry Beasts: The Complete e-Book Mega Series

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This Giant 11 e-Book Series includes the following full-length paranormal romance novels by best-selling authors Hollie Hutchins and Daniella Wright:

  1. One Girl Five Hungry Beasts
  2. Branded By The Black Wolves
  3. Four Daddies’ Secret Twins
  4. Bought By The Masters
  5. Their Shared Property
  6. Sold To The Dragon Princes
  7. The BabyMakers’ Shared Property
  8. Two Fathers One Secret
  9. A. To The Werewolf Princes
  10. Trapped In The Dragon’s Bed - The Criminal Dragons’ Property Series - Book 1
  11. Shared By The Criminal Dragons - The Criminal Dragons’ Property Series - Book 2
Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

"Pick five."
"Pick them yourself, or we'll pick them for you."

But... but how will I know who's my baby-daddy!? 

It's my twenty-eighth birthday.
They have imprisoned me to stop me from escaping.
They know I don't want to be taken by the wolves - I'd rather be dead.
But still, I'm taken, sold off by my own family for a few coins.
Let's keep it real; my parents never loved me.

I'm half expecting the wolves to eat me or something.
But instead, I'm taken to a ceremonial palace.
I am to pick five husbands...
I will live with them in a marriage home.

Yeah, you heard that right. 

I'll also be expected to bear their children.
The more children, the better...

Like, seriously!?

I had barely accepted the idea of just one normal husband.
But five werewolf shifter husbands!?
They can turn into vicious animals at the slightest provocation...
Five hungry, aggressive men who have not seen a woman in 100 years...

Yeah, 100 years.

How could I possibly handle all that?
Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

I’m on the ground, again.
I have been punched and slammed by someone far bigger and tougher than me.

I can hear the snorts and laughter; I’m the only girl on the training squad.
“This is why someone like you should never be allowed to stand side by side with war brothers.”

Still, I get up. Not complaining.
This is the life I chose.

So when a stranger challenges me two minutes later, I don’t hesitate to take him up and agree to his terms that I will do something for him if I lose.

Then it all went black.

I wake up in a cell… with a stupid water bowl next to it.
Like, seriously?

I realize with terror that I’m probably in werewolf territory, high up in the mountains.

Two hours later, I’m presented to both, the prince’s step-cousin and the prince himself, who seems way too eager to examine me.

“You are lucky, you have been chosen to be our new pet. A rare opportunity, given only to the most worthy of women.”

“Have you bred before?”


“What about two, three men, perhaps?”


“Tomorrow will be your first training.”

Next thing I know, I have a royal collar attached to my neck with their name on it.

They can’t be serious.
I’m gonna kill’em both.

Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

I snuck out to Werewolf City and spent the night with four Princes…

Now I’m expecting and don’t know who the father is.
It was all an accident.

When my own father found out, he locked me up to give birth in a bunker…
No prince charming is coming to my rescue.
But none of that matters right now…
Does it?

It’s been so long I’m not even sure they remember my name.
Or the night we spent together.

And who would have thought…
I am carrying not one, but two of the only heirs they’ll ever have…

What would they do if they ever found out?

Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

Men in disguise shout for me.
Men who want me for my magic, to have it bound in a…
Servant contract.

I never expected this to happen on my trip.

One moment, I’m exploring an icy Shifter City.
The next, the place is invaded, I’m taken, I wake up on a table, and someone’s put something in my skin.

Something that grants magic.

Just before I have time to appreciate this, I’m hauled up to a market block and displayed with a price tag.

What are they going to do to me?

Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

I’m imprisoned in a filthy cave.
I’ve got leering shifters pacing around me…
Eager to do their worst.

A door rumbles upwards, with an intense squalling, revealing a shadowy room.
I’m unable to peer into its debts to discern what awaits me.

Dog, they said.
Perhaps a werewolf. Or something else.
Something I’ve never heard of before.
Something that elicits a nameless, primal fear within.

I hold my breath, though it feels like my heart’s thundering louder than anything I can possibly muster…

Only a miracle could save me now.
Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

Bronnen walks back to home from work one day, and notices a shifter staring at her…

Although shifters have integrated into human society, there's been a lot of issues with them.
She shortly discovers one of those issues when she's unceremoniously taken, tossed into a vehicle, and wakes up stuck in a cage.

There's a line of shifters ready to come and inspect, with the intent of buying if they like what they see.

Two shifters are drawn in by her beauty, and her personality.
Two princes from distance clans, with the rare bloodline of dragon shifters.
Two princes who are willing to risk their lives to try and win her for their own.

She has another idea on the cards, however...

Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

I have spent my entire life in hiding, fearing the day I’d get…

Locked up in a basement, bringing babies into this world for strange men that will never love me.

I have never been close to anyone.
But when The Armstrong Dynasty offers me a job, I take the chance.

The agreement seems legit.
I should be safe with them…


Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

It was supposed to be a one-time thing.
Now I'm expecting a stranger's child.

And what is a girl to do?
Go find the father. Of course.

A fake name and the memory of his face are all I have.
But with some help, I am able to find him.

Prince Axelten Tresidder, first in line to the throne.
Even the dragon he shifts into is registered in Wikipedia. 

My heart stops.

What if he thinks I'm a gold digger?! 

Still, I find the courage and manage to get to him.
His reaction is rather strange. 
It's almost like he doesn't remember me.
Or us.

He asks me to stay -- at least for nine months.
If the test proves him to be the father, my child will be his only heir. 
So I agree.

It isn't long before I start to feel something’s off.
He seems like a completely different man from before.

The way he behaves.
The things he can't remember.
Something doesn't add up.

What happened to him?

Or… is he really him?

Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

“Those that appear to be worth more are sold for more…”

“And the people who can afford to buy expensive items typically have an important role in mind for said item…”

“Are you sure you don’t want to wear this dress?”

BOOK #10
Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

Guess who has the job of dragging to bed the scariest dragon shifter there exists?

The first problem? 
I am not experienced -at all.

He'll eat me alive.

And why me?
Because I'm "resistant." 
Resistant to shifter's hypnotic powers. 
An object of desire.

And the second, biggest problem of all?

Not one, but two dragon shifters.
And this not-so-innocent girl.

How am I going to handle this? 
BOOK #11
Full-Lenght Novel - 200 pages

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Fantastic Stories

Hot and steamy! Great reads.p

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Good read

Marge Donnelly
Twenty four hungry beasts

So far so good. I'm enjoying the books.

Lynette Naismith

Great reading though sometimes the story just end and drops off to nothing. Other from that, l have enjoyed reading them.

Pam Wolitski

Separate the stories with a blank page or two